Turn your Pet Photo into a Timeless Work of Art

Our artists will transform your photograph into a unique handpulled etching on fine art paper

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Museum Quality Printing

This technique has been an accepted form of art shown in museums for generations.  Our printer has 20+ years working in printmaking.  We hold to the highest standards on all our prints.

Rich and Warm Sepia Tones

Traditional oil based inks are used on the etching plate and transferred on to the paper using high amounts of pressure.  The saturation into the paper gives a richness to the image quality that photos or digital prints can't obtain.

Archival Printing Materials 

The prints are deeply embossed into Hahnemuhle copperplate etching paper.  All materials are completely archival and will last several lifetimes.

Artistic Image Quality

Something magical happens in the etching process.  Images take on a more painterly quality than regular photos.  The surprises that occur when ink and paper meet under pressure is often times stunning!

Not a Digital Print or Photograph

An etching is an image engraved into a plate and deeply embossed with ink onto quality paper.  Artists such as Rembrandt, Goya, and Picasso have used this process to create some of their most masterful works.

An etching lies in a magical place somewhere between a drawing and a photograph

Handmade Craftsmanship

We use traditonal materials and methods combined with digital technology.  The results is a stunning piece of art with an old world handmade print of your cherished pet.  And unlike digital prints, these will last several generations


Double portrait etching

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