How it works

Upload your highest quality photo.  We will evaluate to make sure it usuable.


The inked plate and paper are run through the press using high amount of pressure.


We will edit you photo for optimum printing.  A digital proof will be sent for approval.

Two Handpulled prints are made into a classic photo etching.


A plate is made and inked by hand with traditional oil based etching inks.

plate inking.jpg

Professional Framing Is Offered

framed doxie.jpg

Transforming a Snapshot into Fine Art

An etching starts with your photograph. When the photo is less than perfect, we have a few tricks to ready it for production.  Often the main subject is what you want, but the background is distracting.  We have artists who will prepare the design to your approval.

Here is a shot of Kima with the background removed. Also the lighting was adjusted.  At this point it is ready for the plate making.  We will send you an eproof of the design.

This is the finished 5"x7".  The distracting background has been removed to show Kima in all her Glory.  We will recommend  the best treatment for your photo

Fixing a snapshot

A challenging etching project. A snapshot of a dog that was being memorialized with an etching...busy back ground and awkward leg positioning. I had to create an extra leg to balance the design and drop out the background. Surprised that it worked out so well

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