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Transforming a snapshot into fine art

An etching starts with a photograph. Ideally the subject will be perfectly composed, beautifully lit, and expertly photographed. When this is the case, we can just turn that into a etching with little photo prep. But usually that is not the case. Snapshots often have backgrounds that are distracting, blurred areas, and lighting that is harsh and uneven. When this is the case, we can use several tricks to get a beautiful etching of your beloved pet.

Above is a shot of Kima after the background was removed. Also we evened out the lighting and the harsh shadows. The eye was adjusted also to remove the flash eyed look. At this point it is usually ready for the etching process. We will send this eproof to you for your approval before we ready the etching plates.

Above is the finished 5"x7" etching of Kima on Fine Art etching paper. The quality of the image is smoothed out and resembles a drawing. As You can see the distracting background has been removed and showcases Kima in all her glory. When we receive your photo we analyze it to decide the best way to proceed, with your input of course.

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